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In memory of Patrick Lake

Patrick Lake

This page is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Lake. Patrick tragically passed away in August 2021 and we celebrate his work and legacy with us here. He was our degree apprentice at ODI Leeds from June 2019 - August 2021. In his short time with us he made an outstanding and long-lasting contribution. Always eager, creative, forward-thinking, resourceful and incredibly bright, with his can-do attitude and friendly demeanour he was an asset to our team and will be very sadly missed by everyone.

About Patrick

Patrick was a data science apprentice at ODI Leeds and, whilst working with ODI Leeds, was studying towards his a BSc in Digital & Technology Solutions (specialising in data analytics) at Manchester Metropolitan University. He successfully completed his first 2 years with a distinction

His main role at ODI Leeds was contributing to our data & innovation projects in a range of capacities - whether that was preparing & analysing data, writing blogs, communicating with sponsors & clients, or even doing some basic web development.

Patrick's creations

Patrick's blog posts

Patrick wrote and contributed to over 20 blogs - a prolific amount. His writing style was natural, easy to read whilst communicating often detailed technical details.

You can find more work by Patrick on our website.


Patrick's family have suggested donations in lieu of flowers to either: