PlanetData5 with the Satellite Applications Catapult

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Credit: Open Innovations

As we recently announced, the Satellite Applications Catapult has joined us as our latest sponsor. One of a network of UK technology and innovation companies which aim to drive economic growth through the commercialisation of research, the Satellite Applications Catapult aim is to support UK industry by accelerating the growth of satellite applications.

The Catapult is committed to accelerating the transition towards net-zero, within and beyond their value-chain through the interventions and projects they support/deliver. Over the next few months, we will be working together to support local councils and LEP's in driving towards net-zero by raising awareness of Satellite data and its potential uses in this field.

To achieve this, we will be inviting local authorities and our respective communities to a series of workshops and events in which we will:

  • Openly publish case studies from those already using satellite data at a local level to help meet net-zero ambitions, helping us to showcase currently good and innovative practice.
  • Develop and publish use-cases which show how satellite data could be used, were new tools and practices developed, or existing constraints removed.
  • Facilitate collaboration, and encourage local authorities to explore how they could use existing satellite data

Our work will culminate in two #PlanetData5 events. The first will be a warm-up event on 29th September and the second will be an all-day in-person event on 20th October 2022. The main event will consist of a morning session filled with talks and presentations from those currently using satellite data to help with net zero, and an afternoon workshop developing further use-cases, existing constraints to these use-cases and outlining tools that could be used to help local governments use satellite data more effectively.

The Catapult and Open Innovations hope that following this series of workshops and events, we can work together to find funding to help us develop solutions to the use-cases we uncover, but through publishing all outputs openly, our goal is that this series of events will act as a springboard into further exploration of the role that satellite data can play in working towards net-zero.

Sound interesting? We welcome anybody interested or working in this space to get involved and share with us your thoughts and ideas at

A huge thank you to the Satellite Applications Catapult for joining the Open Innovations network. We are excited to work with them in the year ahead and to see what comes out of the next few months, and our events. We look forward to seeing you there!