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Open Innovations Toolbox

Open Innovations is all about doing - this page proves just that - demonstrating just some of the tools we have designed and built that are free for all to use, share and learn from.

We love building tools and making your (and our) life easier! We've built a lot of different tools for different projects, purposes and clients and we keep building more. So we decided to put them all into a nice and easy to find tool box so we can all save a bit of time today!

On this page you can find analysis and data wrangling tools that help you quickly convert data and visualisation tools. A bit further down you can find loads of our interactive dashboards and visualisations that help lookup specific information.

Of course, this work is not finished, and we are still working on new and better tools. So, keep watching this space and get involved if you can! Get in touch if there's a tool you'd like us to develop.