DfE Higher Education Open Data Competition

The Department for Education (DfE) is exploring ways to create the most value from its data on graduate outcomes to help prospective higher education students make better decisions about their future. The Higher Education Open Data Competition (ODC) is looking for ideas on how to create accessible, sustainable, and innovative digital tools for prospective students using the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) earnings data and selected government datasets.

The competition is open to both organisations and individuals. We welcome applications from any sector or discipline. It will be hosted through Innovate UK's Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) webpage.

The competition will open on 25 June with a deadline for applications by noon on 15 August.

Working in collaboration with Department for Education, ODI Leeds will run a series of warm up events followed by an innovation event. The warm up events are an opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, and understand more about the datasets. The innovation event will be a very active and engaged session bringing together a network of people, organisations and companies to share and test ideas before submitting them to the competition.