IoT Showcase and IoTUK Challenger

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing area of tech, encompassing creative projects alongside real-world applications across health, transport, environment, and more. To explore the potential of IoT, we're collaborating with IoTUK and Digital Catapult to bring you IoTUK Challenger North. Taking place in Leeds on Thursday 20 & Friday 21 September 2018, it is an opportunity for SMEs to work with public and private sector organisations to create IoT solutions for pressing challenges.

SMEs with IoT services/products apply to take part in the IoTUK Challenger North via the application page below. If they are shortlisted, they will be invited to the challenger event in Leeds, where they can talk to the public and private sector organisations to explore if their IoT service/product is the right solution for their challenge. The SMEs can also access additional support covering commercialisation and business models, technical support, and more. At the end, SMEs will pitch their proposal.

To kick off the IoTUK Challenger North event, we are holding a second IoT Showcase! The Encore will feature a vibrant and diverse range of speakers who want to highlight their interesting IoT projects. The shortlisted SMEs to the IoTUK Challenger event will also be invited to be a speaker. If you are interested in delivering a 10-20 mins lightning talk about your IoT project, please get in touch via email.


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have offered their support for the IoTUK Challenger event, being on hand to help guide and advise the SMEs during their pitch process or being a 'challenge owner.'