Northernlands 4 was a special 2-day ONLINE event that built on the success of the previous Northernlands events whilst exploring new topics and challenges that have risen from the pandemic.


  • James Gupta

    CEO of Synap

    CEO of Synap, an online training platform that helps organisations deliver personalised, effective & engaging training. I'm a (non-practising) medical doctor, having left this year to work full time on Synap, an online education platform that uses AI and neuroscience insights to help students learn more in less time. 

    My co-founder and I came across the idea in our second year of university, whilst looking for a more engaging and efficient way to study. Having found a method that worked - creating, practising and sharing short quizzes with each other - we built it into a simple app. More than happy to offer advice on crowdfunding, technology strategy/app development and generally 'getting started' for new entrepreneurs. Feel free to get in touch.


Nothernlands 4 is a collaboration between Open Innovations and The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the start of activity to create, support, and amplify the cultural links between The Netherlands and the North of England. It is with their generous and vigourous support, and the support of other energetic organisations, that Northernlands can be delivered.

  • Kingdom of the Netherlands

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