Northernlands 3 - An Introduction to the Future of Work

About Thimo Sommer

COO of Toogethr

Al lot of employees are currently working from home, but this is not something temporary. We expect that working from home will remain popular, even post-pandemic. The office function is changing - employees have other needs and wishes, which means that as a company you have to be flexible, sustainable and get insights on who and when your employees are getting to the office.

Toogethr empowers the new generation of travellers with smart software to elevate the experience and reduce the impact of the commute by turning it from mindless into thoughtful. Our mission is making commuting more comfortable, more efficient, and more sustainable. With over 40 employees and active in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we simplify mobility Toogethr! My name is Thimo Sommer - COO of Toogethr - responsible for our (international) growth and I will tell you how our services will get your organization ready for the Future of the Workplace.


After the conference we would really appreciate your feedback about what you found useful and what we could do in the future.


Nothernlands 3 is a collaboration between ODI Leeds and The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the start of activity to create, support, and amplify the cultural links between The Netherlands and the North of England. It is with their generous and vigourous support, and the support of other energetic organisations, that Northernlands can be delivered.

  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • West Yorkshire Innovation Festival