Open Data Saves Lives Unconference

Talk: Building Analytical and Data Science Capability

About John O'Connell

Director of Strategic and Service Innovation, NHS SCW

John is the Director of Strategic and Service Innovation at NHS SCW, responsible for (i) leading the development of SCW’s approach to innovation (ii) leading the development and delivery of SCW’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics consultancy offer (iii) Executive lead for BSW development. My key focus is a ‘customer focused’ change maker, working collaboratively with other senior leaders within the organisation and across the NHS to constructively challenge and disrupt through experimentation and practice, agree and define new methodologies to be adopted to ensure innovation is embedded as part of SCW’s and the NHS’s ways of working.

Passion areas: Innovation fuelled by creative curiosity using data, analytics and AI applied for social good, particularly in support of the sustainability goals to reduce health inequalities. Outside of work, a bit of a bibliophile who enjoys cycling and ‘trying to’ play guitar but not all at the same time.


The Open Data Saves Lives Unconference is a collaboration between...

  • ODI Leeds
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