Hex map of UK constituencies

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We've created a (pointy-topped) hex map of UK parliamentary constituencies to show each constituency with equal visual weight. Obviously we've had to make some compromises but the hex layout is open if you want to make changes. Below you can see data from a variety of sources. We've also made a constituency hex map for UK Parliament petitions and a constituency hex map for House of Commons Divisions.

Other versions

Leeds-based mapping company parallel have created an extruded 3D view that can be rotated to prioritise the focus and a view showing majorities. Leeds-based developer Daniel Wright has also created a 3D view using three.js which currently shows votes by party, electorate size, and gains. Oli Hawkins has created a plugin to read HexJSON files with D3.js. Giuseppe Sollazzo‏ has created an election swing viewer using the map and the D3 plugin. Phil Gorman has made a map that shows the number of Divisions MPs (2017 Parliament) took part in.