Last updated: 3 August 2018

IoTUK Nation Database

The IoTUK Nation Database brings together a snapshot of the current state of the businesses and organisations that make up the Internet of Things sector in the UK. We've created the database using open data and the power of "the web of data" to collate and cross-reference information from a variety of sources, including from company websites and social media. You can find a snapshot of the dataset on Data Mill North or get an overview with the interactive visualisation we created below. An API is available.

The visualisation brings together information about the sectors that IoT businesses are in, where they are located, when they were founded, revenue and size of the organisations. In the visualisation, Organisations shows the number of entities we identified as active in the IoT space. These entities have registered addresses in the UK and could be a registered business, a government organisation, or an academic institution. If you think a specific organisation is missing, please let us know the details. This data has been used to produce the Iot UK Nation 2018 report.

By sector

Organisations grouped by sector[reference]. Organisations spanning multiple sectors are included in their primary sector only. See the data for full listings.

    By location

    To show where organisations are located, we have maps of statistical regions[reference], local authorities, and Westminster constituencies. The stronger the colour, the more organisations are in that region. You have the option of either standard geographic maps or hex maps. Hex maps give the same visual weight to each area and can make it easier to see more compact geographies.

    By founding year

    Organisations founded per year. Organisations founded before 1960 are included in the 1960 column.

    By revenue

    Organisations by sector-wide revenue band. For some organisations, such as Universities, the revenue figure is not a meaningful concept so the underlying data is coded as "not relevant". For some organisations, for example small limited companies who publish only limited financial information about their business, we cannot reliably establish their revenue figure and therefore record their revenue figure to be "not known"

    By size

    Organisations by size. Large organisations have turnovers over £500M. Mid-size organisations have turnovers between £25-500M[reference]. SMEs have turnover less than £25M. Micro organisations have turnovers under €2M and fewer than 10 employees[reference]. For some organisations where we cannot establish their revenue, we cannot reliably classify their size according to this definition. Therefore, the size value for these organisations is coded as "Unknown".

    NUTS3 boundaries for England & Wales, Local Authority boundaries, and Westminster constituency boundaries contain National Statistics data and OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2018. NUTS3 geographic boundaries for Scotland and Northern Ireland © EuroGeographics

    This is a DataCity product. Visualisation by ODI Leeds & Bloom Agency © CC-BY 4.0 2018