Created by ODI Leeds 2019

Tree details


The type of tree e.g. Oak, Birch etc

The height of the tree is measured from the base to the top of the crown. This helps to inform models of the age/maturity of the tree.

The circumference is measured at 1.3 metres above the ground.


This is a test application to specifically add trees to Open Street Map from a webpage. The aim is to make this easy to add tree-specific metadata. By saving directly to Open Street Map, the user keeps the credit for the addition, the data is made open (under the Open Database Licence), and we've not made ourselves gatekeepers or created yet another silo of data.

I'm having conversations with the nice people at Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere & Forest (LEAF) Centre to help with this and also look into improving their iTreeLeeds project to expand it to the whole city and beyond.

In the long term, the things I learn from this tool can be adapted to create other tools e.g. a tool designed to specifically add recycling points to Open Street Map.

Things I need to do to make this a reality:

Created by Stuart Lowe, ODI Leeds 2019

Javascript libraries:


Data sources