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Review 2020


  1. Introduction
  2. Dashboard
  3. Impact and Value 2020
  4. 2020 Highlights
  5. Strategy and Themes
  6. Innovation
  7. Data Projects
  8. Events
  9. Communications
  10. ODI Leeds Team
  11. Social, charity, and sustainability
  12. The future


was an unusual year for ODI Leeds as well as the rest of the world! Despite the global pandemic forcing us to close our open doors we are still here and still going strong. Thanks to the continuing support of our sponsors, partners and friends we have managed to retain our pioneering spirit and work on delivering relevant and important projects that will keep momentum going into next year.

We could not have come this far without the amazing data community and collaborators, so this annual report includes all of the work we have done this year and the data showing the impact we have delivered.

We continue to work to create a nationally and globally recognised organisation for the region that is a new type of institution - one that is #RadicallyOpen, with a mission to build and create real outcomes, focused on data and innovation.

If we tried to do this any other way imagine the cost, the resource requirements, and the bureaucracy! Being #RadicallyOpen with ODI Leeds has really demonstrated what can be achieved with no direct funding and when we align interests, collaborate,and be massively ambitious.

Thank you and here's to your continued support and a much brighter year for all in .
Paul Connell & The ODI Leeds team, January

Our sponsors during -


Being ODI Leeds, we measure our work openly. Our dashboard is used to measure our progress and success. It is updated automatically and is open to all. We report on our sponsors, projects, revenue, events and social media. At a glance you can immediately see the value we deliver.

Impact and Value 2020

Why does what we do matter?





ODI Leeds Impact


Data Sharing Trusts

40+ sponsors and friends meetings

Open Gov Tech

Flight Emissions data

Chris Skidmore - Minister for Universities visit

Network Rail, Northern Gas sponsor onboarding

Radio 4, Radio 5, Sky News - broadcast interviews

Inclusion on government levelling up speech


Homes England conference

40+ sponsors and friends meetings

Cycle/Footfall Traffic Growth

LCC, Bradford and Calderdale Councils - sponsor renewal

BBC Newsroom live broadcast interviews


25+ sponsors and friends meetings


Open Data Day - mapping


Yorkshire Water, WYCA sponsor renewal

Multiple requests for COVID19 data help


#OpenDataSavesLives - virtual event series launch

Leeds Digital Festival - online


Local Authority COVID-19 Dashboard

Emergent Alliance collaboration

Arup sponsor renewal

Multiple requests for COVID19 data help



Open Data Collaboration Group

Local Authority COVID-19 hexmaps

Leeds 'data asset'

Requests for help with A-Levels results data



Emergent Alliance

Coastal Economies

Northern Powergrid - sponsor renewal

Support for TFN travel disruption API


Northernlands 2 - Online 2 day conference

ODI Members Meet up Virtual


Northernlands 2

Diversity Explorer v2.0



Open Data Collaboration Group


Yorkshire Water and Leeds Anchor Network - virtual roundtable

Child Friendly Leeds Ambassador event - virtual

Project Cygnus collaboration - working towards Net Zero

Radio 4 - broadcast interview


ODI Members Meet up Virtual

Radical Open Recovery Session

Planet Data 3

Air Hack 2

ODI HQ - Covid 19 - Education project

FutureGov, University of Leeds - sponsor renewal

Half Term Support Map - coverage


UK Major Ports Group - virtual conference

Radically Open Recovery - emergent alliance work

R&D Public Sector expenditure mapping


ODI Members meet up - virtual

Open Data Collaboration Group

#LAF21 virtual apprentice fair - design and build

Northernlands 3

Planet Data 4

NHS X - sponsor renewal

Nothern Gas Networks - sponsor renewal

National Data Strategy response

Strategy and Themes

As we grow into a scale-up organisation, we focus on 4 main areas:

Within these, we have core themes:

The rest of this review details what we do daily at ODI Leeds to support this strategy and the themes and who the team are:


Innovation is what ODI Leeds is all about. It happens all the time in our purpose built innovation space and now in a virtual setting. We have developed and created our own methods and tools to do open innovation with a purpose.

The #RadicallyOpen approach means that all the assets, conversation, and development is done in the open - we start small, have clear problems to fix, and engage as many and as diverse types of people and organisations as possible.

In we did our own innovation projects:

We helped others do it:

We host others when they are doing it.

Innovation events

Innovation list

Data Projects

This is at the heart of what we do best - our team of data scientists, analysts, and developers work to design and deliver some pioneering projects which impact us all. This year we worked on the following projects:

Events, Workspace, and Virtual Events

Use of the ODI Leeds workspace by ourselves, our sponsors, and the wider community is a core element of the work we do. The first 3 months of 2020 were our busiest ever - over 83 events welcoming more than 20 different sponsors and clients. The closure of this element of our business in mid-March impacted on a core element of our revenue stream and the ability to host sponsors and others to help with innovation. However, we did not down tools - we set to work to create our own bespoke software package and platform to help our sponsors and others guarantee their events and projects could continue by hosting virtual meetings, training and conferences online. With the aid of our sponsors and other funding, ODI Leeds was able to invest in AV kit, and software so that the space became a virtual broadcast studio. We hope that will see a return to being able to use our space again but in the meantime we will keep learning, adapting and doing more virtually so that when we can reopen fully we can offer flexible, affordable hybrid events.

Folk from the data community have attended our events (real and virtual) this year including:

We host and run events to innovate and share so please keep following us on Twitter, and checking our calendar to make sure you don’t miss out. We also send out event invitations and project opportunities via email, so you can add yourself to the mailing list.


ODI Leeds is #RadicallyOpen. We work in the open. All of our work is published on our website almost instantaneously.

We have a very active and engaged social media profile covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. It enables us to engage with an audience that covers the whole of the UK and beyond, sharing our news, project outcomes, innovation work, and more. Please do follow us and join in with our open conversations, and share your stories and priorities with us so we can share them. This social media presence is important in raising awareness and sharing info.

In 2020, live-streaming our events became even more important as physical events have not been possible this year. The ODI Leeds YouTube Channel is an essential communication channel between for the wider data and innovation community.


Website visits:?
Twitter impressions:?
New Twitter followers:?
Facebook posts:?
Facebook impressions:?
Facebook reach:?
LinkedIn impressions:?
Youtube viewing time (across all videos):? minutes
Youtube unique views:?
Total online engagement:
(measured in number of times a tweet, post, link, page, etc, has been seen)

Website visits

Website breakdown

Twitter impressions

Twitter breakdown

Facebook impressions

Facebook breakdown

LinkedIn impressions

LinkedIn breakdown

YouTube views

YouTube breakdown

ODI Leeds Team

In 2020, despite challenges from Covid-19, we have recruited, retrained and restructured the ODI Leeds staff into a strong and talented team ready for 2021.

Here we are and how to get in touch:

Name Role Contact
Paul Connell Founder
Kathryn Connell Director
Tom Forth Head of Data
GIles Dring Head of Delivery
Amy Evans Communications
Stuart Lowe Data Projects
Grace Durkan Events and Sponsorship
Patrick Lake Data Science Apprentice
Susanne Schmidt Data Research and Analysis
Dan Billingsley Data Projects

Social, charity, and sustainability

We get asked a lot by a wide variety of organisations to use our space, resources, and services for free. As a not for profit, non funded organisation we simply cannot operate on this basis. However, we do choose a couple of relevant projects each year to support with some of the funds raised by sponsorship and events. ODI Leeds and friends will be donating over £500 this year to charities helping ensure children don't go hungry eg. and Food Share. We have also offered our space free to any organisations/groups working on Climate Emergency and Covid-19 projects.

As part of our sustainable ethos, we try our best to be as green as we can - recycling, re-using, using local suppliers and products, cycling, walking and using public transport for getting to work and meetings, promoting sustainable projects, running events like Planet Data, and introducing vegetarian and vegan only catering. We hope you will support us in this campaign.

The future -

Let's hope brings more hope and positivity. From ODI Leeds perspective we promise we will

Sponsors help support our projects and wider work. We welcome anyone who wants to join in and join us. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, get in touch and find out what you can help us acheive.

Thanks again and here's to !

Very best,

Paul and the ODI Leeds team

Acknowledgements & Notes

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