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ODI Leeds Challenge Team

We have built a challenge team to deliver projects that are emerging from our operation, our members' activities and requests for proposals and assistance that we are receiving.

The ODI Leeds is establishing a capability to combine the resources of our members, our wider network and the UKODI network. Our members can then partner with us to access that capability to deliver specific projects.

We think this model offers big benefits. We can run projects and share knowledge efficiently, and draw on experience from across the ODI Leeds' members, local open data & digital networks, the ODI Node network and the challenge teams' collections of skills.

It means that our members and other partner organisations can call on expertise and resources when required, procure a product or service using a partnering model and rely on ODI Leeds to ensure delivery.

  • Open data training

The Challenge Team

The ODI Leeds challenge team is run as part of the ODI Leeds and is led by Tom Forth and Paul Connell. It creates teams to solve problems that use or create open data.

The process works in four steps:

  1. Talk to us about a problem you're having or an opportunity you've seen that might involve open data.
  2. If we can help, we'll work with you to define a challenge and an expected outcome. Then we'll give you a quote to deliver the outcome.
  3. If you're happy with our quote we'll assemble a team with the skills and experience needed to deliver your project. Different challenges will call for different skills. We're confident that we can find great people..
  4. You receive a guaranteed outcome from a global brand that you can trust to be good with data. Instead of paying multiple people in different ways you'll get a single invoice from the ODI Leeds.

Project Delivery

We've already had a lot of interest. In our current projects we're helping overcome commercial and technical barriers to making valuable data about the Leeds City Region open. We're prototyping new systems that use open data to increase the efficiency of a local social enterprise. We're collecting, mapping and visualising data about our region to encourage investment and job creation. When we've finished, we'll be sharing our achievements online here, in real life at the ODI Leeds, and globally via the ODI network.

If you have an idea, we'd love to hear about it.

Please contact Paul @Paulcconnell / or Tom @thomasforth /