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ODI Leeds works with DataCity on IoT UK Boost

We're really pleased to be working on the #IoTUK Boost project over the next few months.

The timeline is:

IoT Boost Leeds

Working with DataCity Leeds and the Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire we're boosting the Internet of Things (IoT) across the Leeds City Region and Yorkshire.

Over the coming months our events will connect micro & small businesses with people & organisations who have problems that IoT might solve.

Everything builds up to our main event at ODILeeds on the 11th and 12th of February where we hope you will all join us to build new stuff together.

Learn more by signing up to our launch event in Leeds, our launch event in Bradford, or both. There will be a free lunch!!

If you've got a problem or a product you'd like to share please find Tom Forth on twitter or send us an email and we'll get you involved.

All the best ODI Leeds.

The following projects are already confirmed to give 5-minute introductions.

  • Monster Mesh boxes are cheap, fun, and self-assembled by their users. When they're turned on each box creates and joins a mesh network that broadcasts audio from its microphone to every other box in range.
  • Playbox is a plug and play shipping container for communities, local authorities, retailers, developers, health authorities and brands wishing to connect, consult, catalyse and engage with people. They're interested in how IoT might help them solve challenges and increase their reach. Can you help?
  • A multiple award-winning manufacturer in Dewsbury, Caldertech build and export internet-connected electro-fusion equipment all over the world. Find out how they've led on IoT and where are they going in the future.
  • A free and open network for the internet of things. Using low-power, low-bandwidth LoRaWAN with enough range to cover a city with one base station.
  • Designed in Bradford, sold to the world. The NFC Ring® is a £30 wearable already used to unlock doors, mobile phones, to transfer information and to link people. What more could you use it for?