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#HighwaysHack Open Meeting

highwayshack leeds droplets motorway with various vehicles and technology plugged in to it
Illustration by Amy Evans

Earlier this year, Highways England became our newest sponsor and right away they knew exactly what they wanted to do - they wanted to organise a 'hack day.' They have data that they regularly collect but never seems to leave the office, and they're open-minded to the kinds of data people might want to see in the future. Perfect!

On 5 July 2016, we held an open meeting to get things started for #HighwaysHack- a chance to ask questions, make suggestions, and ultimately shape the hack day in October. Below are just some of the thoughts, questions, etc, that came out of an hour-long free for all chat:

  • who needs to be involved? who isn't here (meeting) that should be?
  • what data is available now? and what data needs to be made available?
  • can origin-destination data and 'flow' data be collected? how could that feed in to design and infrastructure?
  • has any thought been given to how self-driving vehicles would impact the roads and other road users?
  • can we better utilise the camera networks associated with Highways England?

We've created a Google Doc with more of the information and questions from the evening, so if you couldn't make it or you have something interesting to add to it, have a look :) The next step now is preparing for #HighwaysHack in October, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements and event details.