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#TravelHack - creating a better transport system across the North

Join us and help build an open environment to create the transport experience of the future

TravelHack illustration
#TravelHack © Amy Evans

We've all been there or heard the woeful story from a friend or colleague - overcrowded trains, replacement bus services *shudder*, and confusing fares. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a single, smooth experience when trying to get from one place to another?

Working with Transport for the North we will be helping to create an environment powered by open data to help deliver a brand new travel reality for people in the North, making it easier for people to find the best journey and pay the cheapest fare using their preferred payment method. Think a next generation Oyster card but for the North.

It is an ambitious plan but definitely not impossible. We want to engage and work with open data users/providers to help shape the data strategy and ultimately help create the open environment & data infrastructure for this transport system. Transport for the North are eager to take an open approach and want to know:

  • what should be published
  • how it should be published and how often
  • who needs to be involved

This is where you can get involved. Like previous innovation events (Airhack, Defra Data, Highways Hack), we are making the whole process open. If you have an interest in transport and data, or have something you'd like to contribute, then we want to hear from you. Our first event is an open meeting on Wednesday 24 May where you have a chance to talk to ODI Leeds and Transport for the North about the project, ask questions, make suggestions, make your voice heard. This new transport system is being made for you, so this is your chance to contribute early. Don't wait until the thing is being built to make a useful suggestion.

Everything from the open meeting will be documented on an open Google Doc and then used to shape the innovation hackday currently scheduled for 20 June. If you can't make it to the open meeting *or* the hackday, you can still contribute. The open doc is open to anyone and everyone, so please do add your questions/suggestions.

If you've never been to one of our events before, then allow us to show you why they're amazing and why they work so well.

  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds
  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds
  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds
  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds
  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds
  • Paul Connell of ODI Leeds


People turn up and work together. There's no barriers, no departments, nothing to stand in the way of generating ideas and working on prototypes. We strive to make a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere where ideas are allowed to bounce off the walls. Sometimes the ceiling.

Pens before programming

Coding skills are not a prerequisite for participation. Everything starts with pens and paper. If you are a wizard with a computer, with code or with data, then that is ace and you will definitely find people who need your skills and talent.

Sound good? Join us

The open meeting is the first event in our collaboration with Transport for the North. It is just around the corner on 24 May so we highly recommend grabbing your free ticket. It will be a casual, friendly meeting where you can meet like-minded folk and make a contribution to #TravelHack. Arrive from 5pm for a 5:30pm start, finishing at roughly 8pm.

The innovation day will be on Tuesday 20 June, from 9am - 5pm. Tickets are free, and we recommend grabbing a ticket early ;)

We look forward to seeing you!