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Progress with PDFs and Data

Blogs and progress.

A month ago I wrote the first blog post about our project with ODI and Adobe on how PDFs of today and the future can work better with data. We've been busy since and things are starting to accelerate.

Adobe published their blog outlining their ambitions and more people have been dropping into our update calls and joining our W3C Community group.

We're also generating some early output that we can share. We've analysed dozens of ways to extract data from existing PDFs and outlined how an ongoing project at ODILeeds is improving existing technologies around Hybrid PDFs and Attachments within PDF as part of our work on A Clearer Plan and PDF for Planners with The UK's Future Cities Catapult.

We've had hundreds of views and lots of comments on both posts, and in the coming weeks we'll be doing much more to share our calendars and meeting notes, open our project calls up, and keep everyone updated via the W3C Community Group.

The W3C Community Group has agreed its charter so sharing and working in the open is much easier now — please join us and join in.