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Carbon Emissions in Leeds

Guest post by Rafael Luviano-Ortiz, Sustainability Intern for the Leeds Committee on Climate Change

The Leeds City Council (LCC), the University of Leeds and the Leeds Committee on Climate Change (LCCC) are aiming to create new strategies, projects and ideas that contribute to reducing the economic and social harmful effects of unsustainability. The most recent initiative launched by the committee is the production of a data set of the most recent registered carbon emissions and sustainable strategies of the largest (top 10) organisations (private or public) who are responsible for the highest levels of carbon emissions in the city of Leeds.

The purpose of the new data set is to serve as a tool for future developers, new projects and academic researches, but also to promote actions and initiatives between organisations and the Leeds City Council that enable them to work together and make better decisions to reduce their carbon emissions through feasible actions. The data set is likely to include the organisations identified and its most relevant characteristics (sorted by sector, carbon emissions measure, carbon reduction measures, sustainability targets, etc.). The data sources that we are currently using are:

  • Data Mill North (Leeds)
  • Energy Efficiency Scheme (Carbon Reduction Commitment, CRC)
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA)
  • Call Credit, Experian and others
  • Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)

If you would like to contribute with this project by providing relevant information, please contact us via the methods below or simply add your comments to this Google sheet so we can get in touch.