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Within seconds we can book a taxi, order a pizza or start a video chat with someone on the other side of the world - through innovation we have everything at our fingertips. Well almost everything. For centuries the phrase "Scientia potentia est" (knowledge is power) has been uttered, yet we've made it to 2017 and accessing data is still a laborious, exasperating and sometimes nigh on impossible task. Let's be honest, this really isn't good enough. It's about time we get this sorted.

ODI Leeds is therefore very pleased to partner with SmartKlub on an ambitious new project, to create

"The Best Energy Data Infrastructure for a City In the UK."

Our proposition is "to create a centralised, city level data infrastructure, making open sources of energy data easily accessible". Using Leeds as its focus, this innovative platform will help to create more and better energy projects; ones which save carbon, combat air pollution and alleviate fuel poverty - all with a sound business case.

This new project will collate the existing energy data and resources that are freely accessible, producing a data library that is specific to Leeds. That's not all though. In addition to communicating the data that is already available, we will also look to establish what data needs to be made available and, where possible, how we go about achieving this. There's no point in data existing if nobody is able to use it!

We are lucky that Leeds is home to DataMill North, which we think is the best Open Data PLatform in the UK. We are happy to announce that we will be working with them, the ODI Leeds network and sponsors, as well as the SmartKlub network. Talk about a strong team!

So these are our aims and ambitions, but - just as a builder lays foundations or a forester plants seedlings - this is just the start. We can all appreciate that buildings, forests or energy data platforms aren't produced overnight, therefore during the next few weeks and months we will begin to publish our plans, our updates and our outputs for you to interact with. This is open data so it's only right that we communicate a completely open process, hopefully making it easier to replicate in the future. The first phase of the project will last four months so, as of now, it's officially go, go, go!

With this in mind, make sure you keep up-to-date with our progress by following us on social media and keep checking our project page.

You can find us here on Facebook and Twitter.

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This is the beginning of something big, however - as with any great endeavour - it requires collaboration. If you are interested in getting involved, have data that you want to share or you just want to get more information about the project then please make sure you get in touch. You can do this by emailing our Project Associate, Dougie, at

We want to hear from you!

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