Failing to plan is planning to fail

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When it comes to blog titles I'm normally drawn to puns over proverbs, however - in the context of our ambitious energy data project - I certainly think this one is fitting. As you should now be aware, ODI Leeds are working with SmartKlub & Leeds City Council in an attempt to produce the "the best energy data infrastructure for a city in the UK". So, to achieve this, we're going to need something a bit more detailed than one of Baldrick's 'cunning plans'.

Following on from our initial post, outlining our ambitions for the project, we've now produced a plan with a bit more flesh to it. This can be found here, however for those not wanting to go through the whole document, this blog post is here as a handy synopsis. Put simply, we are aiming for two key outcomes from the first stage of this project;

  • 1. to better understand the existing and required energy data in Leeds
  • 2. to engage with stakeholders, getting them involved in the process

To help meet these two aims, during the next three months ODI Leeds will be undertaking several defined and exciting endeavours. The first will involve specific research into the mechanisms of energy funding, focusing particularly on energy efficiency measures and renewables uptake. In addition, we will be interviewing stakeholders who are directly involved in energy projects within Leeds, trying to understand exactly what data they require.

Engagement is a vital part of the process so, in addition to the stakeholder interviews, we will also be holding an open session to bring people together to discuss their energy data needs. The interactive session, to be held at ODI Leeds in Munro House, is provisionally set for the 9 November - although we will be releasing more details regarding this closer to the event. Last, but certainly not least, we have also set up an open access Google doc which can be found here - just load up the document and leave us your comments and suggestions relating to the project. We'd love to hear from you!

We are intending on publishing all of our developments and plans for the future for you to read. Throughout this project we will be embracing open innovation; this is about building a community, one which facilitates data innovators.

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