The fun of energy funding

There are two types of people, those who write to-do lists and those who finish them. No, I tell a lie, there is a third; those who lose their lists. Fortunately, here at ODI Leeds we do not fall into that category - we like to be open about our progress, publishing our to-do lists for all to see. As signposted in our last blog, we outlined exactly what we are going to do as part of our ambitious energy data project and now - as with any good to-do list - it's time to begin the satisfying process of crossing things off!

So, what's first?

Well, energy funding mechanisms are an important component for getting energy projects off the ground, however they are notoriously difficult to navigate. Look no further than eligibility requirements for the Affordable Warmth Group within ECO2...

There have been some fairly recent changes to a few of these mechanisms so, here at ODI Leeds, we have decided to produce a report that brings information on energy funding mechanisms together in one easily accessible document. As well as pooling the available energy funding information in one place, we will also be considering what data is necessary to help unlock these mechanisms - to get energy projects from ideas to fully working installations. By applying this to Leeds, we will hopefully begin to understand exactly what data is available and where the existing holes are! This report should take ODI Leeds - along with our collaborators SmartKlub and Leeds City Council - one step closer to producing the best city-level, energy data infrastructure; one which helps create more effective energy projects for the city.

We've also started the process of interviewing different stakeholders who are involved in energy projects and research within Leeds. By talking to a wide array of people, we hope to understand what people want to achieve, why they want to achieve it and what data is required to do this. We're looking to interview as many people as possible so, if you feel you have something you want to add to the conversation, then please get in touch. The interviews will be transcribed and made available to view - this project is all about being open and transparent in our approach.

As ever, get following ODI Leeds on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out for our next update!

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