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Energy Data - It's good to talk

Photo © Paul Stevenson, used here under a CC license

It's more than 20 years since the late, great Bob Hoskins first uttered the phrase "it's good to talk", signifying the start of a major upturn for British Telecom. What had originally been intended as a simple marketing mechanism now epitomises an important element of 21st century society; that organisational success and good communication go hand in hand. ODI Leeds - in collaboration with SmartKlub and Leeds City Council - intend on producing 'the best energy data infrastructure for a UK city', however this can't be realised just by ourselves. The successful creation of an innovative energy data platform will only be achieved by engaging with the city's energy stakeholders.

And this is exactly what we've been doing. Leeds is a diverse city, containing an assorted range of voices and opinions which relate to energy and energy data. People are a fantastic resource - their knowledge, experiences, and local links can be invaluable - therefore it makes sense that this is properly utilised. Talking to people who are currently involved with energy projects, or those wanting to get involved, will help us understand the holes that exist in the available energy data while identifying the potential barriers to getting additional data. Producing a city-level, energy data infrastructure that offers genuine value to Leeds - one that increases the deployment of renewables and energy efficient measures in the city - will require these voices to be listened to.

These conversations have an added benefit. At risk of being accused of using too many buzzwords, they can help identify and establish stakeholder synergies. Bringing people together, especially those who wouldn't normally communicate with one another, could result in collaborative energy projects; ones which wouldn't have occurred without that initial conversation. Whoever the stakeholder, be it a public body, energy supplier or community group, it's good to talk.

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