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All Aboard the Data Bus

*ding-ding!* Hop on here for open data, buses, and the impending Bus Services Act 2017.

After the success of TravelHack and TravelHack2 - we are very pleased to announce an amazing collaboration with the Department for Transport. Beginning in November, we will be hosting three workshops around the country, giving local authorities, bus operators, transport data providers, and others the chance to discuss the open data provision in the Bus Services Act 2017.

DfT are committed to building a robust open data policy/platform that will ultimately deliver the best outcomes for passengers, so they are keen to hear about how bus open data could work in practice. TravelHack2 revealed the current level of engagement and awareness among bus operators for open data - many still don't know what it is, how it differs from other data, and how they can best use it. These workshops present a chance to understand and influence how it will be integrated into the way DfT regulates the industry, raise the profile of bus open data (we already know it's awesome!) and get more bus operators, of all sizes, to publish data more openly. If you need to see the potential for open data and buses, just take a quick look at the outcomes from TravelHack2.

Who should attend?

  • Local authorities
  • Bus operators - any size
  • Transport data providers and users
  • Digital developers - including journey planner providers
  • Organisations that represent bus passengers and/or the bus industry
  • Transport academics
  • Open data users

ODI Leeds are working closely with Transport for the North, the Open Data Institute, and more, to help host and deliver these workshops. We witnessed first hand the desire for a more open transport industry, where passengers were put first and open data was used to improve their transport experience. If you're on board with our mission (see what we did there?), then register! Tickets are free but workshop sizes are limited.


23 November
Urban Innovation Centre

Register for London


29 November

Register for Birmingham


6 December
ODI Leeds, Munro House

Register for Leeds