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New and improved ODI Leeds is open!

Back in April 2017, we were successful in securing funding from Leeds City Council Tech Hub Fund to renovate our innovation workspace to create the perfect place to be able to enhance and do more of our innovative and pioneering work.

"Don't change it too much" - "But it's ace now" were the cries. Many of you already love our large, informal, light filled industrial style collaborative hub and we promised not to break it - just to make it better.

Over the last four years (we launched in April 2014), we have listened very carefully to our sponsors, coworkers and all the people who have used our space or attended our events, to find out what you most liked about, and wanted the space to be. You all loved the light, the flexibility, the relaxed feel and you all wanted more of the same - space to innovate and collaborate in an independent, neutral area.

In our bid to Leeds City Council, we promised to deliver a space to amplify and accelerate our current operation, that we would improve heating, lighting, flooring, acoustics and build flexible separation of workspaces that would enable varied and multiple uses of the space. We also promised to deliver cutting edge audio visual services accessible for all of our users, such as live streaming equipment and a professional and easy to use PA system.

So over the summer we got busy fixing, painting, scrubbing, building and employing local independent contractors and craftspeople to help us transform ODI Leeds into the perfect innovation centre the city needs. Using locally sourced, recycled or sustainable materials in line with our ethos wherever possible, the results are impactful and immediate.

Before and After

Our space is even lighter, brighter and full of new kit for us and our users to make use of. State of the art AV facilities including everything essential to host market leading un-conferences, events, innovation & collaborative working sessions - live streaming kit, four portable TV screens (up to 90"), projectors, mixing desks, speakers, wireless microphones and more. Flexible, bi-folding wipeable white walls to transform the room into closed or open spaces. A Nook Pod to make those important skype calls that call for more privacy. Standing desks and ergonomic task seating to provide benefits to personal health and creativity during the day. New breakout seating areas for impromptu chats. Vast expanses of wipeable writeable white walls to share thinking and thoughts. A bean to cup coffee machine to rival any cafe to fuel workers. New and improved heating, lighting, innovation furniture, lockers, accessible entry doors and kitchen facilities for added comfort. Plus a whole host of little design touches to make the space a place you want to spend time in.

Our chameleon like space can now be used in multiple ways, an Open event space for up to 100, a Closed boardroom space for more private meetings of up to 20, a Shared space for up to 36 coworkers and the Whole Space for up to 200 for those larger events.

Pop in and visit us on the 3rd floor of Munro House and see the improvements for yourselves, or even better join in, sign up to our mailing list here, sign up for an open event, rent a desk, book a meeting room or come and talk to us about your next innovation project with data.

We will be posting more details of the refurb at the end of this month in a follow up blog.