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Showcase 2018 Running Order

Humans are social creatures. Sharing stories was the way we imparted knowledge and passed on skills. We all benefit from sharing success and learning from failures. This is exactly why we created the Showcase when Leeds Digital Festival launched in 2016. It has become one of the foundations of our line-up each year and we take delight in sourcing speakers - reaching out to friends and colleagues, collaborators and co-conspirators. The aim has always been to promote the exceptional quality and diversity of the digital and data community in Leeds (and sometimes beyond).

We can also challenge perceptions a little bit. The term 'data' conjures up stories of misuse of personal data or breaches in security. But data is much more than that.

As previous Showcases have shown (2016 and 2017), data is:

  • helping sportspersons improve their abilities and monitor their wellbeing
  • improving people's health and wellbeing using IoT
  • listing the best pubs and bars in Leeds for good atmosphere
  • measuring the success of digital and tech companies in Leeds
  • using Raspberry Pi's to weigh train carriages for a better idea of how busy they are
  • showing what else could have been built instead of a(nother) car park in Leeds
  • real-time bus tracking and journey times
  • a smartphone-based app to count traffic using the built-in camera then work out emissions
  • finding that Leeds was a hotspot for Vikings because of all the 'garths' in street names

The list could go on forever. If you are just dipping your toe into the world of data or digital and want to see the great and good that can be done with it, the Showcase should be your first port of call. Tickets are still available via Eventbrite.

Without further ado, here is our line-up of speakers for the Showcase on Monday 16 April.

Time Speaker Topic
10:00 Paul Connell - ODI Leeds Welcome and Introduction
10:15 Paul Connell - ODI Leeds Update: Past, Present and Future
10:30 Tina Davies - NHS Analytics
10:45 David Beardmore - Open Data Institute The Open Data Institute - who, what, why
11:00 Emma Bearman - Playful Anywhere Let's play!
11:15 Peter Laflin / Jim Moran - Jaywing Intelligence Mapping the IoT
11:30 Lisa Jeffries - Leeds Service Jam / Gov Jam This is why we jam!
11:45 Stephen B, Steve J, Simon G - Leeds CC, Bradford MDC, Calderdale Collaboration - what and where is the demand?
12:00 Emma R, Richard N - OpenActive
12:15 Tom Denwood - NHS Digital
12:30 Matt M - Leeds Live
14:00 Stuart Lowe - ODI Leeds Data projects
14:15 Tom Forth - ODI Leeds Locally Relevant 2
14:30 Neil McClure - ODI Leeds ODI Leeds: Transport
14:45 Anneka Lawson - RAC Foundation Data to Inform
15:00 Sarah Tulip - aql
15:15 Danny Hart - Geolytix
15:30 Fanny Goldschmidt - OpenDataSoft Open Data Stories You've Never Heard Of
15:45 Paul Connell - Data City The Data City
16:00 Yorkshire Water #WaterData18
16:15 BJSS

*Times are approximate and subject to change on the day


IBM have returned for another year as a headline sponsor! Their sponsorship covers the space for the 2 weeks of Leeds Digital Festival, helping us to make the space comfortable for everyone and keeping everyone fed and watered with delicious fayre from local food traders.

  • IBM