#RadicallyOpen with NHS Digital

Open data and innovation go hand-in-hand. We need only look at the success of services like CityMapper to see how open data can power user-focused products that also bring real and far-reaching benefits. NHS England already produce a great deal of open data and have seen projects like OpenPrescribing uncover beneficial findings, such as potential savings by simply changing subscriptions from proprietary manufacturers to generic brands. There is a wealth of untapped discoveries to be made in NHS data but it needs energetic and creative people to make this happen.

NHS Digital will be joining ODI Leeds as a sponsor, where they will benefit from the rich network and proven success of innovation with data. Through a custom programme of events - which includes 'hackathons', open sessions, workshops - ODI Leeds will help NHS Digital connect with the right people, and increase the engagement and use of open data by a wider, varied community.

Tom Denwood, Executive Director of Data, Insights and Statistics, says

"NHS Digital is a major producer of open data, and there are opportunities to ensure we are leveraging and innovating with this open data with ODI Leeds. This also further embellishes our commitment to Leeds as a place, and partnership with the companies and public bodies that make Leeds such a great city."

Tom outlines his four goals for the sponsorship:

  • getting the most out of the open data that NHS Digital publishes, both internally and externally
  • strengthening the Data, Insights and Stats work within Leeds, supporting local companies and the organisations who want to use the data
  • build on the existing 'networked organisation' approach
  • encourage and nurture innovation

Paul Connell, Founder of ODI Leeds, says

"We are delighted to welcome NHS Digital as a sponsor, to join our Radically Open Mission. They join 12 other organisations, from private sector to public body to academic, who are all passionate about and committed to using open data for the benefit of citizens whilst also creating value for the future."