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New sponsor - Transport for the North

We are pleased to announce Transport for the North as the newest sponsor of ODI Leeds.

It goes without saying that we are advocates of transparency and openness (the clue's in our name). When we work with organisations - big and small, private and public - to be more open, we help guide them to publishing good quality open data that not only benefits themselves but could also benefit their clients or consumers.

And we are really excited about working with the North's new transport body, who already have a number of exciting open data projects underway. Paul Connell, founder of ODI Leeds, said: "TfN are now part of one of the strongest data and open innovation eco-systems in the country. We look forward to working with TfN helping them to deliver their open data elements of the Integrated & Smart Travel (IST) programme and much more!"

ODI Leeds and its sponsors are very happy to welcome Transport for the North (TfN) and we're all looking forward to working with them to get things done.

In addition to sponsoring ODI Leeds, TfN also become founding sponsor of our new transport proposition, 'Open Transport: North.' The new proposition, led by Neil McClure, Head of Transport Innovation at ODI Leeds, brings the best of ODI Leeds to the transport industry across the North of England and beyond.

If you want to take on a transport challenge of your own with TfN (or without) or take part in an innovation project, we can help you with every step of the process. Contact Neil on to get the wheels turning.

Whatever your interest or involvement in the future of transport in the North of England, we are always available for a chat. Get in touch with your ideas, suggestions, news, and opportunities.