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The next IoT Showcase will be in September

Earlier this year, we hosted the first IoT Showcase as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. Built upon the successful format of our usual Showcase - where a selection of ODI Leeds team members and many friends/collaborators gave a short talk highlighting their work or project - the IoT Showcase was focused on internet-of-things projects. Speakers covered a broad spectrum of topics, from making existing physical infrastructure smarter using IoT sensors to leveraging the data collected via IoT to make better decisions. And no showcase is complete without the limitless potential for creativity when you do quirky things with tech, such as colour-changing paper flowers based on air quality readings. The IoT Showcase was very popular, and many people left the event having seen something new or having their perceptions of IoT completely blown away.

How could we possibly improve on this formula? What more could we offer to the fabulous IoT community? We're glad you asked...

The second IoT Showcase will be held in September as part of a 2-day challenge set by IoTUK!

We know that's a lot to take in, so let's break that down into all the best bits.

IoT Showcase: The Encore
Thursday 20 September (half-day)

All good performances deserve an encore so we're hosting a second IoT Showcase in September! Featuring new speakers, familiar faces with new projects, and demonstrations, we're working to make this event as good as the first one! It will take place on Thursday 20 September as a morning session (currently planning 9am - 1pm, with a tea-break in the middle), and if you'd like to give a short talk on your IoT project, service, or product, get in touch with Amy asap :)

Anyone can attend the IoT Showcase but space will be limited so make sure you grab your ticket via our Eventbrite page.

Current partners for the IoT Showcase include:
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The IoTUK Challenger North
Thursday 20 September & Friday 21 September

Having previously worked with IoTUK on the IoT Nation database and report, we are now collaborating on the brand new 'IoTUK Challenger' event, which will see SMEs working closely with organisations to create IoT solutions to some of their most pressing challenges. Over the course of the 2 days, SMEs will get a chance to introduce themselves, chat with our partner organisations about their challenges, and then develop a proposal or prototype. By the end of the second day, SMEs will pitch their ideas. Each partner organisation will have a different prize on offer (to be confirmed in the coming weeks).

The IoTUK Challenger North will kick off in the afternoon onThursday 20 September, just after the IoT Showcase. On Friday 21 September, the majority of the day will be devoted to creating things. Various ODI Leeds friends and partners will be there to offer extra support - technical, commercial, etc.

Themes and challenges will be officially announced in more detail next week but we can say that themes might include health and social care, environment, and the 'built enviroment' (infrastructure and building assets). That means challenges could focus on helping people live healthier lives, or helping local authorities manage and maintain their building assets.

How do you get involved in the IoTUK Challenger North?
SMEs apply through the application portal. After submissions close, the shortlisted SMEs will be invited to attend the IoTUK Challenger. They are also welcome to take part in the IoT Showcase, where they can talk about any projects they have already done.

Can I attend the IoT Showcase: The Encore and stay for the IoTUK Challenger North?
Only if you're either providing support or have applied to the challenge and been accepted. Please get in touch if you'd like to act as a mentor during the challenger event.

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  • NHS Digital
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Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks - you can follow us on Twitter at ODILeeds or sign up to our mailing list before the end of July to receive the launch email.