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Visit from the Secretary of State

This morning ODI Leeds hosted Matt Hancock MP - Secretary of State for Health and Social Care - as he visited Leeds to hear about innovative tech ideas in the NHS. After an introduction from our founder, Paul Connell, the Secretary of State had the opportunity to meet innovators in the health sector.

ODI Leeds founder Paul Connell shows the ODI Leeds dashboard to the Secretary of State
Credit: Stuart Lowe / ODI Leeds

The city is pioneering new ideas in the health sector through a city-wide approach of co-production involving partners ranging from Leeds City Council, to NHS Digital, the University of Leeds, the private sector, and neutral tech hubs such as ourselves. The showcase demonstrated Leeds' open platform and person-centred approach to health tech.

After a conversation with Alistair Walling - the chief clinical information officer for the city of Leeds - he learned about HELM/Leeds Care Record, 100% Digital Literacy, Leeds City Council's Digital Innovation Service, Smart Leeds, Care View (an app to connect isolated citizens), and Leeds Homes Social Housing Picker.

Many of the projects being developed are open source and co-produced so they could be adapted to other cities and regions across the country showing that Leeds is well placed to drive innovation across the health sector.