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Open Transport North launch

Since Highways Hack in 2016, we have seen increased demand for transport-related projects. It's no surprise really - transport affects all of us one way or another. Freight by road or rail often supplies retailers with stock. Commuters brave the motorways or trains every day. Buses provide the vital links for communities, both urban and rural, to stay connected.

It's no secret that the transport system isn't perfect, especially as experienced by regular travellers in the North of England. Frequent gridlock in poorly designed road systems in cities. Overcrowded or delayed trains. Confusing fares that also keep rising. Perhaps this is another reason that people are more active and engaged than ever with events that explore the transport system and it can be improved. It is with this need for continued momentum and precision focus on transport in the North that Open Transport North was created.

Drawing inspiration and energy from the ODI Leeds team, Open Transport North aims to deliver open innovation with data to improve the transport network. We've taken all of the great things that our community know and love about ODI Leeds - events open to all, a robust network of like-minded folk from a variety of public and private sector organisations, and access to talent and skills - and focused it on transport.

Open Transport North is supported by Transport for the North, the sub-national statutory authority tasked with making the case for strategic transport improvements across the North of England in order to unlock the region's economic potential. Their support comes as part of their commitment to build and sustain relationships with the digital and open data community, for the benefit of public transport passengers. As they work to get more open data published and available for third party users, we can help people to innovate with that data.

You can find out more about Transport for the North and their projects on their website. And you can find out more about how we are working together here.

We're very proud to announce the partnership, and the launch of Open Transport North. We've built a shiny new website which is a home for all of our projects, events, blog posts and much more.

Creating a separate, independent brand and presence that stands alone from ODI Leeds and Transport for the North was an important decision for us. It allows us to specialise on the transport industry, create our own projects and content, whilst giving us a vehicle to develop - and engage with - a specific community of transport industry experts.

We're also launching a podcast - All Aboard - which discusses the Future of Transport with a range of industry experts and will include monthly episodes on rotating topics and themes like ticketing, open data, mobility-as-a-service, demand responsive transport, autonomous vehicles, and much much more.