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The Northernlands Data and Startup Summit

Data is everywhere. It has always been the source of insight and analysis, from health to economy and beyond, and has recently even been referred to as 'the new oil.' But data is also rapidly becoming something else - a new material with which to build and create, for both function and form. What does the future hold for data and those who want to use it, create with it, and harness it?

In partnership with The Kingdom of The Netherlands, we are thrilled to announce we will be hosting the Northernlands Data and Startup Summit - a full day event to explore the future potential of data through a series of provocations, talks, workshops, and more. This is just the start of activity to create, support, and amplify the tech startup and cultural links between the North of England and The Netherlands. The Northernlands Data and Startup Summit will be held at our innovation space in Leeds on 2 May, forming part of the Leeds Digital Festival and the Leeds International Festival programmes.

Split into three distinct sections, the day will start with introductions and different perspectives about the world of data, with Jeni Tenison, CEO of the Open Data Institute, and Paul Connell, Founder of ODI Leeds, to kick-off proceedings. Akeelah Bertram, artist and digital explorer, and Mr Gee, poet and radio presenter, will share their experiences of working with data and highlight data as a creative resource.

The second part of the morning is all about the future of data - what might it look like, how do we get there, what happens along the way, and more. With stellar speakers from Superflux, IPPR North, Beautiful Information, Open Data Manchester, Amazon Web Services, Open Data Institute, and more, covering topics such as ethics, health and wellbeing, economics, and technology.

After lunch, it will be time to start challenging what we know about data and learn from those who have blazed a trail to create amazing things with data. Tech and data demonstrations will be delivered by ODI Leeds, Amazon Web Services, Open Data Manchester and more, whilst the Open Data Institute and ODI Leeds will lead discussions on trust and ethics. The third workshop will cover citizens and data.

As we firm up the agenda, we will continue to make announcements in the coming weeks and we will keep updating the dedicated website with new information. We hope you'll join us on 2 May for the Northernlands Data and Startup Summit and dive into the world of data, leaving with new perspectives and an idea of making the future with data.

This event would not be possible without the incredible partnership and support of The Kingdom of The Netherlands and other energetic supporters like Leeds City Council, Amazon Web Services, the Oakland Group, and KPMG.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Leeds City Council
  • KPMG
  • Oakland Group
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands