Northern Powergrid become the newest sponsor of ODI Leeds

ODI Leeds is very happy to announce that Northern Powergrid, the company that powers everyday life for 8 million people across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, has become a sponsor. They are now one of 16 organisations who form the ODI Leeds Sponsors Group - helping us to set our direction, priorities and collective actions. Doing innovation in a #RadicallyOpen way.

A commitment to being more transparent is a primary driver for organisations to start publishing and sharing more open data, usually to meet industry or regulation requirements. But once you start, the added benefits become clear and you begin to see all of the other reasons why adopting open data and open innovation can be transformative. We've worked closely with many of our sponsors to help them realise the potential of their own data to create value in their organisation, which often becomes value for the wider world. Over the past five years, the sponsor network has grown from a handful to the now 16-strong group we collaborate and work with today. Our experience of data and innovation is not just in delivering projects - it's nurturing the mutually beneficial relationships and creating an environment where innovation thrives.

The electricity distributor joins our sponsor network with the shared goal of exploring and delivering the potential of open innovation with data, working to improve lives, help people, and create value.

Northern Powergrid has already identified key priorities that they wish to explore

  • using open data and open innovation to develop network and infrastructure tools
  • better use of their own data to improve understanding of their supply chain
  • engaging with customers using open data to find out what they want/need, laying the foundations for the on-going roll-out of smart grid technology and enhancement of data systems to build a future-proof local network around the needs of their customers
  • and lastly, in common with many of our sponsors, to amplify innovation within the organisation, make new connections outside of it and do it in the open

We're building them a bespoke package of support as well as including them in all of the great work that we already have going on with our sponsors, project partners and extended network.