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Your #OpenGovTech Stories

We announced at the start of the summer that ODI Leeds was looking to upon our work with local and national government to launch #OpenGovTech.

The reason for starting this is that we see lots of people doing great stuff and working out how to collaborate, share, and do things differently in the open, using the web to facilitate all of that. But we also see how organisations work, how procurement is used, and how 'reasons' can suddenly put up barriers.

TLDR - were going to put all of our #OpenGovTech work in one place, find some friends doing similar stuff, share it all on the web, make it searchable, and make a massive difference.

We know that if we are #RadicallyOpen we create massive surpluses of value around our work - we want to build something that others can reach into when they are ready, and help us to make a massive difference to the way in which government gets stuff done.

The first small step is to convene a session at Wuthering Bytes. We will use this session to work out how we should start, what to do first, and how to get people involved and maintain momentum. You can sign up for that session here.

Weve created a hub page where we have started to put all of our #OpenGovTech assets, stories, and resources. If you want to share your projects or experiences, just tag it as #OpenGovTech on social media so we can find it, then we will link to it from our hub page. You can also email us.

Its easy to get involved, just do three things;

  • Write an #OpenGovTech story/blog telling us all about your project, why it's important, and what difference it made (and to whom), including a link to or example
  • Write an #OpenGovTech technical blog detailing how you delivered or executed the project
  • Publish a repo with your code and/or the data used in the project

The session at Wuthering Bytes is being hosted at The Birchliffe Centre from 1.00pm - if you are able we'd love you to join us for a pint or a soft drink afterwards.

The organisations that have already expressed interest in #OpenGovTech are Yorkshire Water, Northern Power Grid, Bradford Council, Calderdale Council, Leeds City Council, FutureGov, DXW, Open Data Manchester, WYCA, NHS Digital, ODI HQ, Open Contracting, Connected Places Catapult, University of Leeds, and University of Bradford.

Please do join in, share, and help us work out how #OpenGovTech can create a massive surplus of value for all of us.

If you want to be more formally involved please email us at