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An open data strategy that improves health

NHS Digital's job is to use technology and data to improve health, and manage technology and information across the NHS. They joined us as a sponsor in April 2018 and have since taken part in several of the innovation events, and worked closely with us during the SynAE project that explored synthetic data.

They currently provide over 1300 open data sets on their website, and they know these are downloaded by a variety of people and organisations. They are refreshing their open data strategy and are keen to understand more about who uses the data, what benefits they get and more importantly what would be useful in the future.

This is your chance to learn about NHS open data resources and help shape their open data strategy!

They are interested in all uses of the data, but know the following types of data are accessed the most:

  • GP Practice information
  • Mental Health
  • Prescribing

We are planning a face to face session at our innovation space, but prior to this we are looking to gather some information so we can best shape this session:

  • What NHS open data do you use?
  • What uses and benefits to you achieve?
  • What could be better?

Please feel free to add thoughts to the google doc, and we'll keep you updated about the upcoming working session. You can keep an eye on our Twitter feed or sign up to our mailing list for news.