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Free coworking for those improving climate crisis

At ODI Leeds we're making an effort to cut down our own carbon footprint - we have an electric office bike; we recycle as much as possible (including kitting out our office with furniture made from recyclable material); we use sustainable and reusable mugs, plates, and cutlery at our events; and we buy eco friendly cleaning products and stationery supplies. But it will take more than just these changes to improve the environmental crisis that we're facing, and we want to support those who have great ideas on how to make a big impact. So we would like to offer our coworking facilities for free every Monday for those individuals and small groups who need a collaborative space to think about ways of improving the global climate emergency.

The Common is our coworking space, with powered desks and superfast wi-fi for all guests.
Credit: ODI Leeds

Our space is bright, light, and airy. Superfast wifi is standard, as is plenty of space, seating, desks, power, and wipeable whitewalls for collaborative thinking - perfect if you need a place to share ideas and get a lot of work done. You will even have an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, water, and biscuits to keep your team refreshed and motivated!

To find our more information on whether you qualify for this offer please email