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Our eco ethos

Bringing some of the outdoors indoor
Credit: ODI Leeds

There has never been a more pressing time to get into the sustainable state of mind, and here at ODI Leeds we do our absolute best to offset the climate emergency, save your data from danger and encourage you to do the same. In our work here we endeavour to use products that dont pollute our planet, with no dip in quality of course. Some of the main fixtures of our space, such as the work desks, have been upcycled from unwanted utilities into the work areas you see today. These, which were one of our first acquisitions in building a sustainable workplace, set the trend for the other ways in which we endeavour to supply a space built around environmentally friendly sources and services.

From everyday items such as bin bags and washing up liquid to large scale catering, we employ a multitude of different methods to maintain a sustainable practice. We use local sources for our food catering, such as Cafe 164 and Manjits Kitchen, who couldnt be closer at just a stroll across the road or down the stairs respectively. It's not just our stomachs that are eco-friendly either, with our neighbourhood suppliers Curiosity Allotment providing local made furniture for our office space, and they combine with Steelcase, who have provided us with chairs made of 30% recyclable material and which are 95% recyclable, to make a space furnished with fabrications of the sustainable variety.

While working in the space, we minimise our use of paper, through an extensive set of on- the- wall whiteboards, ideal for brainstorming how to save the planet, and have collections of sustainably produced and compostable cutlery to build upon the sustainability of our local food sources. Additionally, in terms of traveling to work, we have both an office electric car and bike, as we attempt to set an example for our clients and cut our carbon footprint.

We want to use our space, in both the projects that we support and in our own everyday actions, to help boost the effort to save the planet and we hope that this piece has proved that we do indeed, practice what we preach.