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FutureGov become a sponsor of ODI Leeds

We begin Autumn with an announcement - we have a brand new sponsor! FutureGov joins the sponsor cohort, making it 17 organisations in total that support us and our #RadicallyOpen work. The driving force has always been creating value with data that ultimately improves lives and helps people. They have also joined at an exciting time as we scale-up and start doing even more good stuff within (and beyond) our network.

For over a decade, FutureGov has been designing public services fit for the 21st century. Using digital tools and design approaches of the digital age, they support health and public sector organisations through digital transformation and service design, to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.

FutureGov is passionate about creating sustainable change, supporting the people who work in and with public services to develop the skills and capability to continue to make change happen. The future they want to see is one where there are differently shaped organisations and institutions around public services, stepping away from old methods and mindsets and embracing new ways of working. You only need to visit their case studies page and blog to see why FutureGov's work is not only successful but much-needed in today's rapidly changing society.

You don't need an active imagination to see why we are thrilled to be working with FutureGov. They share many of our values and working methods; face the same kinds of challenges that ourselves and our other sponsors do; and they also have the same drive to improve lives. By becoming a sponsor, FutureGov will have access to the network and knowledge that has been built with and around ODI Leeds, and will find eager collaborators as everyone works towards a more #RadicallyOpen and innovative future with data. As with all of our sponsors, we create the partnership together. We think FutureGov would have a wealth of experience and insight to help nurture #OpenGovTech, and they have expressed a lot of interest in the impending launch of #OpenDataSavesLives.

Our sponsors are very important to us not just because of their support but because they inform our work. By helping to solve their challenges, surplus value is created that can enable others to improve products/services, create their own solutions, and ultimately benefit even more people. FutureGov have now joined this constantly improving ecosystem and we can't wait to see what happens next.