Northern Gas Networks is a brand new sponsor of ODI Leeds

We are delighted to announce that Northern Gas Networks has joined us as the newest sponsor of ODI Leeds. They will become the 18th organisation to become a sponsor (after we announced FutureGov in the autumn) and join other large, public-facing infrastructure organisations like Yorkshire Water and Northern Powergrid. By joining the sponsor network, Northern Gas Networks will now benefit from a huge data community/network and the innovation-rich environment that we have built collaboratively with all of our sponsors over the past 5 years. They will also play a crucial role in helping us as we go from startup to scaleup, feeding in to the direction and scope of our work and projects so that we continue to innovate openly with data to improve lives, help people, and create value.

The energy sector in particular will be facing more pressure than ever amidst the climate emergency. With a variety of alternative energy sources being developed or coming into mainstream use, the demands on the underlying distribution and infrastructure will change. We saw this at the very start of the Distributed Future Energy Scenario (DFES) visualisation project with Northern Powergrid. Organisations that have responsibility to install/maintain infrastructure need to know what to expect so they can invest in the right places, at the right time. The general public will also want to know what the distributors and suppliers are planning to do in response to the climate emergency. They will want to know that these large companies - that are part of everyday life - are being responsible.

Open data has a huge role to play in both of these aspects, with potential for even further innovation that would benefit Northern Gas Networks and their stakeholder community alike. Demonstrating openness and transparency can build trust with your community, but it also offers opportunities for constructive feedback and insight from different perspectives.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Northern Gas Networks to the ODI Leeds sponsor group, and we look forward to the year ahead!