Can the NHS learn from how other health systems use open data?

As part of our vision at the Data, Insights and Statistics Directorate at NHS Digital we aim to deliver world-class services to improve care. When we say world-class, we are thinking about a series of capabilities, one of which is how we use open data.

We are excited about the potential for open data to improve outcomes and productivity in public services, raise quality and deliver more efficient services, enhance choice and accountability whilst encouraging economic growth. We have learned a huge amount from projects elsewhere in the NHS and are keen to learn from the excellent work being done across the globe.

Rather than creating quantitative metrics comparing open licenses, machine readability, availability and metadata completeness, we thought that a deliberative approach would be more effective. We want to get together some of the best health systems in the world for a virtual knowledge exchange, to kick the tires on what we are all doing.

We think that this will give us a good sense of whether we already are world-class as well as lots of good ideas for future development. We also realise that all health systems are subject to different contextual factors that make comparisons difficult. In the spirit of openness, we are asking for your views on our approach and for any examples of really good international exemplars that we should learn from. You can share your experiences, thoughts, useful examples, etc, via this survey.