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Chris Skidmore visits ODI Leeds on UK innovation tour

On Thursday 16 January, Chris Skidmore, the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research & Innovation, visited ODI Leeds as part of his tour of innovative organisations around the country. Paul Connell, founder of ODI Leeds and the lead on innovation, has written about building an innovation network across the North and how it wouldn't be as expensive as you think.

But this kind of radical thinking and change would require 'new institutions' - smaller, leaner, and more resilient organisations that are more flexible and more experimental. ODI Leeds itself is radically open and demonstrates the huge value to innovation through working in the open, sharing and collaborating with no barriers, and letting people get involved when they are ready. We've also seen the benefits to our sponsors and other organisations we work with when they adopt a radically open approach. Having visited other amazing places like the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield and universities across the North, Chris Skidmore delivered a speech at the opening of the Durham University Teaching and Learning Centre, in which he highlights ODI Leeds and the work of Tom Forth, our Head of Data.