ODI Leeds joins the EMER2GENT alliance focused on the post-pandemic world

The coronavirus pandemic has changed things for a lot of people in a very short space of time. We launched a COVID-19 focused piece of work as part of the larger #OpenDataSavesLives theme so that we could start bringing people together to share data, work, specific challenges, etc. The response has been fantastic and whilst a lot of data and work is trying to make sense of the current situation, conversations are starting to turn towards 'life after the pandemic.'

Thinking about a future 'post-pandemic' world creates an overwhelming number of questions - what was the impact of fewer cars on our roads? what will be the impact on people's health of doing more cycling/running during the lockdown? or doing less activity during the lockdown? what does this mean for the health service in the near (and far) future? The list could go on and on. The pandemic has had a sweeping effect on so many aspects of 'normal' life, revealing the things that fell over under pressure and giving us a glimpse of normally controversial and resistant ideas, like reduced car usage. So there are a lot of opportunities to investigate and explore the potential for positive change, and how we can work together to make that change happen.

ODI Leeds has joined Rolls Royce, R2 Labs, Google Cloud, IBM, LIDA, The Data City, Truata, and White.Space as part of EMER2GENT, with the purpose of helping people, organisations, and businesses recover from the pandemic and develop resilience for the future. Open innovation and collaboration will be more important than ever, so we will be bringing our experience and practical knowledge of being 'Radically Open' to the project.

Paul Connell, Founder of ODI Leeds, said: "This work is vital as we look past the crisis, we are committed on behalf of our sponsors to make the EMER2GENT alliance a massive success and we are looking forward to using our experience and expertise of innovation and data to amplify the work and aims of the project. We can provide support for publishing, using, and sharing data, and we can demonstrate the huge benefits to working in the open and using the web as it was intended. Share, do good work, amplify."

People are keen to return to 'normal.' The collaboration via the EMER2GENT alliance will equip people and organisations with the data, insight, and tools to make decisions that gets them back to full speed, with opportunities to build resilience and even sustainability into their futures.