ODI Leeds wins funding to boost and support crucial #OpenDataSavesLives work

Today, the Open Data Institute announced funding for seven UK initiatives and projects as part of their Innovate UK funded R&D programme. ODI Leeds was one of the seven winners of the fund and will be joining Open Climate Fix, Open Data Manchester, Your Dsposal, DNV GL, Etic Lab, and Collections Trust on the programme till March 2021. We will be using the funding, support and mentorship provided by experts at the Open Data Institute (ODI) to amplify the work already started with #OpenDataSavesLives and develop it further so that it can positively impact the health and social care sector.

All the projects and initiatives are exploring approaches that enable trustworthy and ethical sharing of data to help citizens and businesses lower their impact on the environment, improve public services, and save lives.

This Stimulus Fund is part of the ODIs research and development programme which includes a project to support data institutions in becoming sustainable and a project to create guidance and tools to help sectors build data infrastructure and address common challenges and a broader programme of work on data institutions. A data institution is an organisation whose purpose involves stewarding data on behalf of others, often towards public, educational or charitable aims.

Leigh Dodds, Director of Delivery at the ODI said:

"These seven projects show the potential that sharing data has to solve challenges in the energy and health sectors in the UK and globally. It's great to see people coming together to solve challenges that affect us all, like the cooperative using smart meter data to help individuals make better decisions on their climate impact."

"At the ODI, we want to help these projects succeed. Our experience of ethical data sharing and improving data infrastructure, like supporting and growing data institutions and data access initiatives, will help these projects become sustainable for the benefit of all. We look forward to working with the projects to also learn from them and help to develop tools and guidance that will support the development of other impactful initiatives."

For us at ODI Leeds, the stimulus fund represents a significant opportunity to not only sustain the #OpenDataSavesLives work (which has already brought so many people together to collaborate and work towards more data release) but to enrich and further develop the project. We use our #RadicallyOpen approach - using the web as it was intended, publishing our work and resources openly to our website, allowing people to contribute when they are ready, and removing barriers to participation. This speeds up innovation and creates that collaborative environment where great things happen.

Paul Connell Founder & Head of Innovation at ODI Leeds says,

"#OpenDataSavesLives is mostly about bringing together the power of #RadicallyOpen approaches, the power of the web and reliable data infrastructure to make a massive difference to the health & social care sector."

"This is a very welcome contribution to the work that ODI Leeds is completing, it will help us communicate, amplify and support our work, kick-starting the next phase of what has turned into a vital piece of work as the UK responds to the #Covid19 crisis."

The #OpenDataSavesLives session resume again on Thursday 6 August 2020. They take place from 11:00-12:00, hosted by ODI Leeds and completely free to join. We are also actively seeking feedback about the #OpenDataSavesLives sessions that have been held so far, so please do let us know what you'd like to see as we go forward.

#OpenDataSavesLives was also a core theme at our Northernlands 2 online conference, and you can catch all of the amazing talks from guest speakers on the topic via our YouTube channel.