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Innovating with data to make a difference

ODI Leeds has operated since 2013 as an independent, not for profit, self funded organisation. We work and innovate with data and the web to make a difference for everyone and represent the North of England.

Our mission is to work on issues that can make a difference such as;

These are just a few examples of our work, there are many many more at our website please take a look.

In our short 6 years, we have already made an impact - convening over 17,000 individuals in our purpose designed collaborative workspace in central Leeds at more than 1,000 events resulting in 74 projects designed to build and create solutions to problems that affect us all. In this short time we have become a vital part of the Data Ecosystem in the North of England and the UK.

The Mohn Westlake grant will go towards helping ODI Leeds transition its events and community workspace into the new CoronaVirus proof, future of events space. We all need to keep talking, sharing and thinking, and ODI Leeds will use the funding to build and invest in bespoke web platforms and the technical kit and expertise to continue with our success of being open to everyone. We have already started to use the funding to build a bespoke broadcast web solution. We can now broadcast events virtually using our own software platform complete with auditoriums, chat room, virtual whitewalls, captioning and more to not only replicate in person events online but to build them better.

Additionally the grant will fund our data science and analytics mission led experimental projects in the fields of Health with Open Data Saves Lives, the Climate with Planet Data and the economy with our Visualisation libraries and tools e.g our national hexmaps.

We can't wait to be able to make a change with the work we are doing as a direct result of the funding - thank you.