Working towards a Radically Open Recovery

COVID-19 has impacted the modern world in a way that many generations will not have experienced before. It is disrupting everything that we took for granted as 'normal' and is posing new questions as we try to think of a time where there is no COVID-19 - a post-pandemic world. Lockdowns around the globe highlighted the human impact on the environment via better air quality when cars were left on driveways and manufacturing had to pause. The tragic loss of jobs and closure of businesses as a result of lockdown measures revealed just how fragile our economy can be, and how disaster-proof it isn't.

It is hard to think about 'life after COVID' but this crisis will pass, and right now we have an opportunity to think about what that post-pandemic world could look like. There is an emphasis on getting 'back to normal' and/or 'building back better.' At ODI Leeds, we have been working with a variety of organisations - and even collectives of organisations - to start exploring how we can use data and innovation to help define and create this recovery. Building on this work, we want to get more people together to get involved so that the recovery process is fair and sustainable for everyone.

On Thursday 22 October 2020, we will be hosting the first open 'working session' about COVID-19 recovery and we'd love it if you could join us.

We will share more details about the work we've started with

  • the Emergent Alliance
  • Icebreaker One on Project Cygnus
  • our amazing sponsor network to create a 'Leeds data asset'

where many of the conversations, potential outcomes, possible tools, required data, etc, all share similarities. And of course, they all have a common ambition to use data and innovation to nurture a robust and far-reaching recovery.

As with a lot of our projects and/or events, there is an emphasis on doing, not talking. Tangible things, big and small, can be achieved right now and we want to create an environment where people feel confident to get things rolling. No barriers to participation, no silos, no complex levels of bureaucracy and permissions to navigate. A neutral place where it's okay to ask for help, to ask for data, and to share ideas in the hopes of finding collaborators. This has worked well for the #OpenDataSavesLives sessions in the context of health, social care, and wellbeing, so it's time to do the same for wider concerns such as the economy, jobs, transport, and more.

Help us build a collective data infrastructure and toolset that can benefit everyone, founded on shared ambitions.

There are lots of ways to get involved. You can join us on Thurs 22 October for the first open working session, where you can ask questions, share data and tools, etc. You can start adding useful datasets to the data catalogue, which anyone can access and use to help them develop innovative projects to aid COVID-19 recovery. You can add further context, resources, and more to the openly accessible working document.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you can join us and join in. We've always seen with these projects that you get out what you put in, and the more people that contribute, the greater it becomes.