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Radically Open Recovery - next session confirmed

When we announced the first 'Radically Open Recovery' session back in October, we were quite honest and upfront - we weren't sure what to expect. We could see a lot of potential and we had a lot of work to build on via our collaborations with the Emergent Alliance, our work with Icebreaker One, and our conversations with our sponsor network (and beyond) about a 'Leeds data asset.' They all shared similar goals and aims, which also crossed over with the goals and aims of so many other people as well.

We always work in a #RadicallyOpen way and that is the way we approach everything. You may have seen our #OpenDataSavesLives working sessions, and we are applying that learning and design pattern to #RadicallyOpenRecovery.

With the interest from this first session, and through extended conversations afterwards, we are going to continue the open working sessions on a monthly basis. The very next Radically Open Recovery session is on Wednesday 25 November 2020, 11:00-12:00. Tom Forth, Head of Data at ODI Leeds, will host and will be joined by Sarah Longlands from IPPR North and Paul Swinney from Centre for Cities, who will be sharing work that they have been doing to help us understand what is going on, and also work out what to do!

Sarah Longlands

Director, IPPR North

Sarah leads IPPR North, the leading think-tank for the north of England. She is an expert in regional and local economic development, place resilience and land use planning. She has written reports for IPPR North on small and medium sized cities and towns, the Great North Plan, the state of the North's economy, natural assets and civil society.

Tom Forth

Head of Data, ODI Leeds

Tom has a PhD in computational biology and now runs software and data consultancy imactivate. He is Head of Data at ODI Leeds, where he'll be happy to help you solve problems you have using data. He's particularly interested in data on housing, transport, and income inequality both within Leeds and across the UK and Europe. He blogs at and keeps a more polished internet presence at

Paul Swinney

Director of Policy and Research, Centre for Cities

Paul has published on a wide range of subjects relating to city economies, including the development of UK cities over time, the role that city centres play in the national economy and the trading relationships UK cities have with the rest of the world.

We will also have Fiona Bolam, who works on Economic Development for Leeds City Council, telling us what data she needs right now to help a City plot and plan its recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

You can register for free via Eventbrite and the session will be hosted on Zoom (and available to watch via YouTube afterwards).

We can also appreciate that looking at 'post pandemic recovery' is a very large concept. It's huge in fact, and can't be tackled in one go by just one person or one team. Breaking things down into smaller chunks - or into specific questions that need answers - is always a good way to start, and can provide much needed direction for data gathering, analysis, building things, etc.