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Northernlands 3 - Registration is open

Northernlands 3 online conference
Credit: Amy Evans at ODI Leeds

We have our first big update for Northernlands 3 since we first announced the date for this year. You're keeping 15 & 16 March 2021 free right? (We'll forgive you if you had forgotten, there's plenty of time to fix that.)

Once more we are partnering with the wonderful Embassy for The Netherlands and we're thrilled to be welcoming the Ambassador to start each session of Northernlands 3. Already 2021 is defining itself as a challenging year (one way or another), so open conversations about international collaborations will be more important than before.

It has also now become a tradition for Northernlands to feature spoken word and poetry. In 2019 and 2020, we were delighted to have Mr Gee write and perform work influenced by the talks and themes of the conference. This year we are joined by the fabulous Sharena Lee Satti from Bradford, who has written a new piece to kick off the conference in style.

We can reveal the first confirmed speakers!

Jeni is the Vice President and Chief Strategy Advisor of the Open Data Institute. She gained a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Jeni sits on the UK's Open Standards Board; the Advisory Board for the Open Contracting Partnership; the Board of Ada, the UK's National College for Digital Skills; the Co-operatives Digital Advisory Board; and the Board of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. She joined the ODI first as Technical Director in 2012, becoming CEO in 2016, and Vice President in 2019.

Ben Goldacre is a doctor, best-selling author, academic and campaigner. His work focuses on uses and misuses of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, drug companies and quacks. He has written government papers and reports on evidence based policy, founded a successful global campaign for research transparency, and currently works as an academic in the University of Oxford, where he runs the EBMdataLab building live data tools to make science and medicine better, like OpenPrescribing and OpenTrials. His blog is at and he is @bengoldacre on twitter.

Marc Farr joined East Kent University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where he is Director of Information responsible for informatics, coding and clinical systems. Marc is a graduate of the Kings Fund future leaders course and was named in the HSJ Top 50 Innovators in Health 2013

Matt Clancy is an economist working on the economics of innovation, currently at Iowa State University and formerly at the United States Department of Agriculture. Though he currently lives in the American Midwest, he lived in the United Kingdom for several years, working and studying. He has written about remote work for City Journal and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Shiv Malik is a former Guardian investigative journalist, broadcaster, author, technologist and co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation think tank. He has previously advised the Golem project and is currently Head of Growth for Streamr where he evanglises about a new decentralised data economy. His latest book, The Messenger, is an intrepid personal tale about a relationship with a terrorist, and was published by Faber in 2019.

Anna Powell-Smith is the founder of theCentre for Public Data,having previously been the Chief Product Officer and Senior Developer atFlourish.The Centre for Public Data is a new organisation with a practical mission to improve the UKs public data.

Julian Tait is co-founder and CEO of Open Data Manchester CIC, an organisation that seeks to help cities, organisations and communities understand the power of data. He is a passionate advocate for digital technologies that can help build more resilient communities, develop new forms of economic activity and give people a stake in the process of governance.

With more speakers to confirm, the line-up is already looking smashing! But we are mixing things up a bit this year and will be highlighting the fine work of startups and scaleups as well! Here is just a snippet of what to expect...

Pan Intelligence is a predictive analytics specialist, utilising their experience and expertise to provide a business intelligence and analytics solution through their 'pi' platform.

Ludimos is a cricket-specific sporting and coaching service that uses Artificial Intelligence to personalise the advice and training to athletes and teams alike.

The Data City is a tech start up that creates the best lists of classified companies and company details in the UK. Our industrial classification system for the new economy allows policy makers, economists, investors and analysts to understand the emerging economy and markets in real time.

Felyx is an innovative scale-up with ambitious plans for sustainable and shared urban transport. As cities become congested and air quality deteriorates, a transition is needed towards new forms of mobility.

The themes for Northernlands 3 are:

  • Innovation with Health Data, incl #OpenDataSavesLives
  • Economy and the Future of Work
  • Mobility and Urban Living
  • Climate Emergency, incl #PlanetData
  • Data Rights, Security and Safety, which cuts across all of the above

Northernlands 3 will be a veritable buffet of data and innovation delights and as always, we're making it easy to join us. The live-stream will be available to watch on the Northernlands 3 page (coming soon), alongside full speaker profiles, individual speaker content, presentations, and more. If you register via Eventbrite, we can keep you updated and get early access to content before anyone else ;)