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Mapping the data landscape of the UK - what should be included?

We are thrilled to announce that we will be working alongside The Data City on a new project to map the 'data landscape' of the UK, led by the Open Data Institute.

What is a 'data landscape' and what does it look like? Well, that's just two of many questions that we hope to explore and answer via this project. As data becomes increasingly important and foundational for so many services, businesses, etc, it's important to understand all of the subtle and obvious interactions that take place, and who is involved. This better understanding is crucial to unlocking the value and potential of data across the economy, something that was highlighted in the National Data Strategy.

Just like a natural ecosystem, even small changes can have a big impact. Having a visual aid that helps people understand the influence of their potential decision-making or strategy development can make the whole system more robust and sustainable. In this Open Data Institute led project, we will be applying our rapid open innovation methods to gather input about who/what should be included in the ecosystem combined with The Data City machine-learning platform to develop an initial snapshot of this year.

There has already been some valiant efforts to map parts of the data ecosystem in the UK. Gavin Freeguard started with a UK government data ecosystem in 2018, and then revisited the work again in 2020 to track the changes (especially in context of the pandemic). And of course this project will build on and feed into the work already done by the Open Data Institute about mapping ecosystems for open data.

As with all the projects we work on, everything is out in the open and there are ways for YOU to get involved. We could just dive straight in and start adding every organisation with 'data' in the title or description to this landscape, but they wouldn't all be relevant. What should be included in the UK data landscape? You can tell us via this open Google Doc - add specific organisations, data communities, etc. Whatever you think is important to include in a data ecosystem, add it to the Google Doc. For example, Gavin Freeguard also started this spreadsheet about the various newsletters, podcasts and more that were all focused on 'open' (open data, open gov, open science).

We will also be hosting an open online working session on 29 June 2021 at 12:00. Pop along if you have questions, comments, suggestions, and more.