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Announcing our data partnership with Leeds Digital Festival

We are excited to be working with Leeds Digital Festival
Credit: Leeds Digital Festival

We're delighted to announce a partnership with Leeds Digital Festival. This arrangement will see us collaborate to deliver innovative data solutions which will enhance the experience of attendees, speakers and sponsors.

Leeds Digital Festival is one of the largest tech festivals in the UK, and arguably one of the most innovative. Over their six year life, they've grown and responded to the changing nature of hosting a top-tier festival, and this September boast a 300-strong event line-up delivered in a hybrid live/virtual format. That innovative streak, coupled with an understanding of what makes a truly great event makes Open Innovations and Leeds Digital Festival ideal partners. To cap it all, our founder Paul Connell was part of the team that started the festival.

Open Innovations (formerly known as ODI Leeds) is a pioneering organisation founded on the idea of innovating with data. Through a combination of co-creation with sponsors, paid project delivery and thoughtful event hosting, we have grown over our eight year history to be a trusted partner of public and private enterprises across the UK and beyond.

We're very excited to embark on what we expect to be a long-running journey of discovery with Leeds Digital Festival. We believe that by unlocking the data held by the festival we can deepen the experience of all people involved. This could take the form of automated reporting to sponsors, attendee-focussed machine learning-based recommendations or some cool visualisations. We are also particularly excited to make the data available under an open license to allow others to innovate in ways that neither we nor Leeds Digital Festival have yet considered! This ties in with one of Open Innovations principles that everything we do should be #RadicallyOpen.

So what is the first step on this odyssey? Our first priority will be to build an automated, data-driven review which Leeds Digital Festival can share with their sponsors and other interested parties. This build on Open Innovations' own automated annual review and will help us and the Leeds Digital Festival team get a good handle on data that is already available. This will run in parallel with the festival, and should be ready in mid to late autumn.

Once we've got the first release under our belt, we'll work with the festival team to explore existing sources of data that we can capitalise on, and to plan collection of new data to expand our insight into the festival.

In the meantime, watch this space for updates, and make sure you check out the amazing schedule of events at Leeds Digital Festival.