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Doughnut Economics with data sprinkled on top

A doughnut is not just a tasty treat - it is also an economic view that aims to balance out the tradeoff of social needs and ecological feasibility. The term doughnut economics comes from the ideal zone where the demands of people and the environment can be balanced out to ensure the prevalence of public good and environmental sustainability. Check out the Doughnut Economics Action Lab "About Doughnut Economics" page for lots more info.

A diagram of the doughnut economics principle showing the tradeoff between social and ecological needs.
Doughnut Economics Diagram
Credit: Doughnut Economics Action Lab

How we got involved

  • Our 4th #PlanetData event on the 21st of October 2021 brought together many exciting speakers taking action to face the climate emergency head-on. Following the showcase, we hosted two open discussions - one on retrofitting and one on Doughnut Economics. Paul Chatterton from the University of Leeds introduced us to the concept of Doughnut Economics and then opened up the floor to discussions on how the data from his Leeds-based research could be brought alive and visualised. You can catch up on our discussion on the Miro Board.


We're hoping to get more involved with doughnut economics so we're starting out by collecting some useful resources. If you've got anything to add just pop it into our open resource collection Google sheet!