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Leeds 2023 Year of Culture Data Partners

We are delighted to be working with Leeds 2023 as their data partners. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in demonstrating the value of being open with data for such a significant cultural event.

The first order of business is to help Leeds 2023 elaborate their data strategy. Data is important to the festival, both in terms of the effectiveness and transparency of the organisation, but also in terms of the impact of the festival and the legacy it leaves to the people of Leeds. Aside from this, there are some short-term quick wins which will help the team working to arrange the festival programme. The strategy will also identify key elements of the data platform which will be needed to process and publish open data sets, as well as the governance approaches and common data standards.

We will be applying our standard #RadicallyOpen approach to this, by publishing our code and config in the Open Innovations Leeds 2023 GitHub repository, and creating a data microsite for the festival where we’ll collate research, reference and standards, as well as publishing data visualisations and dashboards. The prototype of the Leeds 2023 data microsite is on the web already! We’ll be working with the Leeds 2023 design team in the coming weeks to align the look and feel.

Our next focus will be on telling stories with data. Some of those stories will be feed into work we’ve completed recently, like publishing workforce diversity statistics for the organisation. Others will explore how to be #RadicallyOpen as an organisation, such as publishing information about the suppliers to Leeds 2023. Yet other stories are to be identified, but we’re sure will will take us in exciting new directions.